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Chicago Police Report

Order your police report from the Chicago Police Department

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If you were the victim of, or involved in, a crime, the Chicago Police Department may have issued you a Victim Information Notice. This one-page document gives you your "R.D number". Sometimes, this document is enough for insurance purposes. Often, it isn't and you need to obtain the full report. Obtaining the full report is extremely tedious. You have to travel to the Central Police Headquarters during their shortened business hours, park, wait in line, fill out multiple forms, wait in more lines, and more. Most people don't have time for this. With our convenient service, we will help you get your police report quickly and easily. We will submit the request for you on your behalf to obtain your Case Report or Traffic Crash Report. 10-14 days later, the report shows up in your mailbox.







Chicago Police Report is a service that gets your police report from the Chicago Police Department and sends it to your mailbox.