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Eyer: Advanced AI for Real-Time Anomaly Detection and Effortless System Monitoring

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Eyer is a cutting-edge AI observability platform that revolutionizes how organizations manage their IT operations by integrating seamlessly through APIs. Designed to be both cloud-hosted and headless, Eyer adapts to diverse technological environments with ease. It supports data ingestion from over 300 technologies using open-source metrics agents like Influx Telegraf and Prometheus. Eyer's real-time anomaly detection capabilities allow it to automatically identify and alert on unusual behavior in time series data, significantly reducing the time to identify and resolve issues. Insights derived from Eyer can be effortlessly integrated into third-party tools, enhancing the utility of platforms like Grafana and Power BI. This flexibility ensures that Eyer can meet the specific needs of various business operations, whether in monitoring or orchestration. Customers benefit from fast implementation and immediate value, as Eye automates many routine tasks and improves overall system efficiency. The platform’s open API approach not only supports diverse integrations but also empowers developers to create and monetize new connectors. Eye's strategic focus on partnering with sales organizations allows for tailored customer engagements and solutions. With competitive pricing starting at $299 per month, Eyer makes advanced observability accessible and scalable for businesses of all sizes.







Eyer has been a game-changer for our IT operations. This AI-powered observability platform seamlessly integrates with our existing systems, providing real-time anomaly detection that immediately improved our monitoring capabilities. The cloud-hosted, headless design of Eyer allowed for quick deployment without the need for complex infrastructure changes.