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Create In-Depth Content on Any Topic Most AI writing tools offer you a fancy editor with a few templates, some "AI tools" and a lot of promises. Lede is different. We focus on the research and writing process, allowing you to create well-researched content on any topic. Lede has two primary features: Research and Writing. In Research mode, you enter what you're researching and we automatically find relevant information on the web and summarize it. In Writing mode, you describe what you want written in the context of a research report. We use your research notes as the basis for generating content. Our ChatGPT-style writing tool makes it easy to experiment with different prompts until you're happy with the results. Built for flexibility Our AI writing tool is designed to be incredibly flexible. Instead of providing an exhaustive set of "AI tools," you can simply describe what you want written. If you want your content optimized around certain keywords, you simply state that in your prompt. However, we do offer a few modifiers that help you keep your content styles consistent. For example, you can select the reading level and writing style, which will remain consistent across all your content.




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Lede is an AI content generator designed for creating in-depth blog posts. Unlike similar products, Lede does extensive research before helping you write your blog post.