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Our journey began in a busy sales department, where we noticed a common challenge—after discovering leads on LinkedIn, efficiently syncing information and obtaining complete contact details, especially email addresses, has always been a tough nut to crack. 🔁 One-click sync of LinkedIn info to CRM 📩 Intelligently fill in missing email addresses 📝 Automatically generate personalized email content 💬 Simplify the sales process using natural language conversational AI 👨‍💻 Aggregate leads with AI-powered interactions and content LinkedCRM AI is suitable for sales teams in various industries, helping sales experts improve work efficiency, whether in startups or large enterprises.







LinkedCRM AI is a game-changer for sales professionals! The seamless one-click sync of LinkedIn info to CRM, intelligent email filling, and personalized email generation have significantly boosted our efficiency. The natural language conversational AI simplifies workflow, making lead aggregation and interaction a breeze. Highly recommend for any sales team looking to streamline their process and focus on building relationships and closing deals. Excited for the upcoming features! 🙌

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