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A word association game where you match similar words, learn new words easily, and have a blast with friends as you discover who knows the most. Synonymous word lists are ineffective Have you ever tried to memorize words from a dictionary or a vocabulary? It's boring and ineffective. The list of words is infinite, and you can't remember them all anyway. Students are willing to improve their vocabulary, but traditional methods don't work There's a better way to improve your English vocabulary There are thousands of synonyms in the English language. It's impossible to remember them all. The best way to learn new words is by associating them with other words. This game is designed to help you do just that. Turn word connections into a game Don't study, play Inspired by the Match Madness challenge, this game is designed to help you memorize new words quickly. More than 130 levels The game is divided into carefully handcrafted levels, where the difficulty increases as you progress. Climb the leaderboards Compare your progress with that of other players and see how you rank. Challenge your friends to find out who is the smartest. Earn XP and track your progress Earn experience points (XP) for each level you complete. Track your progress and see how you improve over time.




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I've been learning English for over 20 years. I've tried many methods to improve my vocabulary. I've read books, watched movies, used flashcard apps, and played games. I've even tried to memorize words from a dictionary. But it was too time-consuming and boring. Matcharoo helped me strengthen my vocabulary fast. I discovered new words, too! 5/5