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Automated & Fractional CRO Solutions for SaaS Companies

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Praction is an automated Chief Revenue Officer, combining the science of data-based assessments with the art of proven playbooks to show you exactly where your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams are functioning properly — and where they are off track. Praction offers visibility into your GTM engine and provides action steps to take so your goals will match reality. Our platform can: ► Give you detailed operational playbooks tailored to your challenges and strengths, from early product-market fit to global expansion ► Identify which revenue teams are lagging and train them into world-class Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success experts ► Analyze your key business risk factors and tell you how you’re performing against the market, where you’re running into trouble, and how to fix it ► Show you exactly what's preventing you from hitting your goals The benefits of a CRO - without the cost.







Hi! I'm Arkady, co-founder of Praction. Our mission is to realize the revenue potential of every company. We help SaaS companies accelerate their business along the path to acquisition by establishing revenue infrastructure, building stronger leaders, and guiding them through the growth hiring process. We're so excited to give you a purpose-built, 24/7 personal revenue expert that knows exactly what you need to be doing at every milestone on the path to scale.