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Hire a Human Career Assistant for your Job Hunt

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Stop wasting your time applying to jobs. Hire a human career assistant who will apply to jobs on your behalf with personalized cover letters and targeted resumes, so you can focus on networking and interview prep. Unlock the power of Human + AI Assistant in your job search: - Build Personalized Cover Letters and Targeted Resumes with one click using AI - Save 100+ hours of grunt work - AI Powered Job Recommendations only for you - Less than 2% of applications receive interview calls, so spend your time and effort wisely - Your time is better spent on Networking and Interview Prep Sign up and hop on an onboarding call to meet your dedicated Career Assistant. Install our Browser extension and start delegating jobs. Your Assistant will manually apply to delegated jobs on your behalf and will communicate updates daily on WhatsApp. You get more interviews thus higher chances of landing in a full time role. It is just a numbers game.




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Leela, a Carnegie Mellon grad teamed up again with his past Co-founder Balaji to build They are on a mission to solve the soul-crushing painful work involved in a job search once and for all.