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Hey everyone! Here's CodenQuest, a blend of coding challenge and gamification, designed to make learning and improving programming skills as engaging as playing a game. 🎮✨ 👨‍💻 Key Features: - Versatile Language Support: From Python to Rust, we support 11 different coding languages. - Real-time Stats: Track your progress with detailed performance analytics. - Weekly Leagues: Climb from Bronze to Challenger and see how you stack up. - Streak Mechanism: Keep coding daily to maintain your streak. - Friend Competitions: Challenge your buddies to a code-off. - Progressive Learning: Unlock new categories by mastering the current ones. - Daily Challenges: 🎯 Who It’s For: CodenQuest is perfect for developers of all levels looking to sharpen their skills, prepare for job interviews, or simply enjoy coding with a competitive edge. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, our platform offers something for everyone. 📖 Our Story: Born from a desire to make coding practice more accessible and engaging, CodenQuest combines the challenge of platforms like Leetcode with the fun and engagement of Duolingo-style gamification. We believe learning to code should be as exciting as gaming. 🌟 Our Goal: We're on a mission to make coding practice irresistible and highly effective. We’d love your feedback on how CodenQuest can better serve your learning journey and what features you'd find most helpful. Thanks for checking it out! 🙏