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I remember back in 2017 when I started as an Indie hacker, a big chunk of my time was consumed by customer support; from answering repetitive questions that were already addressed on my website to handling frustrated customers upset over small issues beyond my control. My go-to response was, 'Please be calm, we're on it :)' Since those early days, customer support has captivated me. I used Crisp, which was decent, but it wasn't the whole package. The main issue was the repetitiveness and tasks that could've been simplified with shortcuts. So in 2023, when OpenAI announced their public API, I know it's time to start building the simple, yet powerful and budget-friendly tool I always want! That's the origin of Kastro 😊 Kastro began as merely a chatbot builder. However, I quickly understood that to truly support your operation and benefit your customers, you need more than a bot. So here I am with Kastro 2.0, with one, simple goal and 4 key features! "Bring AI and humans together, allowing them to work in harmony." 1. Use ChatGPT to deal with those repetitive questions 2. Create an AI-enhanced workspace that can boost your productivity 3. Bring the help center, in your live chat widget and also use it to fill our AI knowledge 4. Suggest the right questions to customers before they finish typing Kastro 2.0 is at the very beginning of its path, and there's a roadmap ahead. I'd be thrilled to have you join us as users, to help you cut down on support tasks and roll out features that truly serve you and your customers ❤️

AI Wedding Toast

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