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We're excited to introduce Pagedone - a library featuring 1000+ UI components, sections, and pages designed in Figma and built on Tailwind CSS. Here are the few things you will get on Pagedone : āœØšššš šžššØš§šž š…š¢š š¦šš ššžš¬š¢š š§ š¬š²š¬š­šžš¦ Pagedone presents the ultimate design system for all your design projects, featuring a vast collection of over 12,000 components, blocks, templates, dashboards, and more. Experience a lightning-fast design process seamlessly integrated with Figma. āœØš„š±š©šžš«š­š„š² š‚š«šššŸš­šžš š“ššš¢š„š°š¢š§š šš„šØšœš¤š¬ Pagedone provides artfully designed blocks, pages, and components built with Tailwind CSS. āœØšššš šžššØš§šž šˆšœšØš§ š‹š¢š›š«ššš«š² ( FREE ) Pagedone's icons are not only expertly designed in Figma but are also available in four distinct styles. The SVG code is highly optimized, aligning perfectly with a 24px grid. Additionally, our web app empowers you to effortlessly edit icon strokes, colors, and sizes. Enjoy the convenience of one-click downloads as well. āœØš‚šØš„šØš« š“š¢š§š­ ššš§š š’š”ššššžš¬ š†šžš§šžš«ššš­šØš« ( FREE ) Pagedone color Tint and shades generator can generate multiple Tint and Shades of a single color. Simply enter the color code to get different shades and tints of the color. You can easily click on the shades to get the color values below the shade palette. Clicking on these values will automatically copy them to your clipboard. That's it Hunters, Let us know your thoughts by : - Trying out the product and share your feedback šŸ—£ļø - Spread the word to fellow makers and podcasters šŸ“¢šŸ‘„ - Upvote and Re-Tweet šŸ¦ Thank you for your support! šŸ™šŸ’–